Saturday, January 26, 2013

It is so freaking cold lately. I cannot get warm, stay warm, feel warm, etc. I have space heaters, a fire, a wood-burner, and, at times, the oven/stove producing heat in this not-so-big house. I even brought Molly, my barn cat, in the house because I am convinced she must be cold and lonely.

I feel bad for Angel too. She was the last goat I had inside the barn. I recently dried her after milking for nearly two years. Anyhow, she was spoiled with a heat lamp and now I'm afraid she is too delicate to be outside. She seems to be waiting for me at all times which makes me anxious.

The fact is, there is always something to worry about, rather, I always find something to worry about as I constantly project my feelings onto my critters. I ask out loud, "Are you cold? Are you hungry? Do you miss kitten-cat Molly?"

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