Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunny Louise Born March 10, 2010

Well, we were blessed with our first doeling in 2010, Opie's Goats Sunny Louise. Symphony was due on March 9th and I had spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays nights keeping vigil, waiting not very patiently for an unknown number of kids to be born.

I knew around noon last Wednesday, March 10 that Symphony was well into labor. She laid down, got up, laid down for hours, unable to get comfortable. I let her companion doe, Little Peanut outside and got a bucket of warm water ready and threw towels into the drier to heat them up. My dear friend and partner in crime, Crystal, coached from a few feet away and was quick to bring me the above mentioned supplies when I super-stressed out screamed to get them.

The sun came out at just the time I was warming the baby goat, thus the name Sunny Louise. We've been enjoying her company ever since, letting her run around the house with the dogs, bottle feeding her and watching her climb stairs and jump on furniture. They are athletic little creatures!