Saturday, December 26, 2009

Opie's Goats

Welcome to Opie's Goats, a blog dedicated to the life altering decision to raise French Alpine dairy goats organically and also to live as close to the ground as I can. At present I have to Junior does, Symphony and Peanut, both nearly a year and already expecting their own offspring. They are low maintenance yet deliver a lot of laughs in return. They are wonderful animals that are both curious and kind. And, although inexpensive, I intend to have them pay for themselves through the sale of soap and eventually cheese. What happens in the meantime will determine what the future will bring.

I also have two dogs, Izzy and Moses. Izzy is an almost-12-year-old West Highland White Terrier and Moses is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bichon Friese mix. Nearly two years old, Moses is just a big baby. Izzy, however, is queen of the world. When it comes to the goats, however, they are both completely disinterested. It might have something to do with the headbutting the goats so enjoy, but for Moses, well, it could be the electrified mesh fence he 1) got caught in, and 2) relieved himself on (Yikes!). Some things will not happen twice. I have my sights on a third dog specifically for the goats. A beautiful Great Pyrenees named Vixon. I'm hoping her owners are still looking for a new home for her in the spring when I am ready to move the goats to a different location.

My mom, Gail, is my right hand. Not always thrilled to do so, she helps when I need the goats fed or watered. They love their time with people and it is important to do more than throw them a flake of hay. I tell my niece the most important part of feeding the goats is patting them while they eat. My friend Crystal has been my other right hand. On several occassions she has stayed at the house and taken care of all of our spoiled animals. They are actually more spoiled when she leaves!

Off to the mudroom to cut soaps down to size! It is now officially for sale at Rumor Style Lounge in downtown Janesville and I have to make more POS displays for additional locations. I am looking forward to 2010!