Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Busier and Busier

Hand milking Symphony
I never intend to neglect this blog. It just happens. Don't feel bad. I neglect the website, my yard, get the picture. I just keep getting busier and busier and some days I spend prioritizing my priorities.

The goats got to get away from the farm with a little vacation at the Rock County 4-H Fair. Megan and Adam Vincent were the youth exhibitors and earned blue and red ribbons in breed and showmanship classes. I was beyond proud!

We added a new goat to our microherd. Maggie joined us right after the 4-H Fair a couple of weeks ago. She is an Oberhasli, a Swiss Alpine breed just slightly smaller than the French Alpines she now rooms with out at Gehrig Game Farm.

The girls also have a new pasture that they share with Tia Maria, a gorgeous Welsh cross pony, and a few stray chickens that wander over, possibly thinking the grass is greener, but who knows! I keep finding their eggs on the straw and hay beds. Clearly they are confused.

That's all the time I have for now as I have soap to produce, package and promote!

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